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Arcfin - accounting services and tax consulting

ARCFIN OOD provides accounting and financial services, which contribute to the creation, development and success of the business undertakings of our clients. To achieve our mission we focus on:

Professional knowledge and experience in accounting and taxation:
- We maintain and improve our professional knowledge
- We keep up with the changes in the relevant legislation

Modern technologies for processing accounting data:
- To make our activities more efficient
- To save the time of our clients

Quality information – we strive to present accounting and tax related information which is:
- Accurate – truly and fairly represents the economic transactions
- Timely – furthers the business management and the observance of the terms for reporting and declaring
- Needed – consistent with the necessities and the requirements of those for whom it is intended
- Understandable – consistent with the knowledge and the functions of those for whom it is intended

Ethical standards – we adhere to ethical standards in all our dealings:
- We treat everyone with respect and understanding
- We safeguard the confidential information entrusted to us
- We keep our promises

Arcfin - accounting services and tax consulting

Accounting and Taxes Reports and Analysis